It’s Been a While, but…

It’s been a while. Ok a LONG while since my last post. Things have been busy and I have so much to share with the house reno.

The bedrooms and hallway have been painted and mouldings applied. We opted for a light blue in the boys’ bedrooms {I have to look up the name – it’s a Benjamin Moore colour} and went with Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore for the master. I absolutely love this colour. It’s calming and provides a nice, neutral palette to really bring in other colours through pillows and accessories. I have yet to actually do that, but at least the foundation has been laid!


The upstairs hallway, along with the main rooms/hallway of the main floor is painted in Chocolate Froth by Behr. This has to be my favourite neutral. It seems to change colour when the sun hits the wall or when a lamp is on in the evening. Again, like Revere Pewter, it provides a wonderful backdrop or foundation to then use your colourful imagination for accessories and pillows.

Things are {slowly} moving along in the master bathroom. This was our inspiration:

vanity to be

Source: Unknown

I loved the look so much, we had a custom vanity made that is pretty similar. I am really loving white cabinetry right now – for both kitchens and bathrooms. I will do a separate post once things are moving along to share what we decided to go with in terms of tiles, paint colour etc.

Lastly, we made a HUGE change to the layout of the main floor.  

Original layout

Original layout


New layout! We made a few tweeks to this layout too, but they are minor.

New layout! We made a few tweeks to this layout too, but they are minor.

I am working on an in-depth post that describes this reno…let’s just say, it was a fun one!  Stay tuned!


A Week of Work

Well, it’s been a week since we got the house and got to work. The first couple of days were dirty. Removing carpets. Old carpets. Thankfully hubby dearest took care of that…but it was nasty. The previous owners were smokers, so the smell was embedded into every fibre.

Anyway, carpets were removed, all baseboards and casing ripped down, wallpaper stripped and old baseboard heaters removed. We hired people to install the new hardwood and a finisher to install new baseboards and casings and paint the entire second floor. While these were all things we could have easily done ourselves, we need it completed quickly. So pros were the way to go.

Here’s a look at our progress so far:



Baseboard, Casings and Architraves


They will begin painting tomorrow. I am investigating changing the look of my stairs. I will share some ideas and pictures soon.

In addition to the work being completed on the second floor, we hired professional cleaners to take care of the basement and main floor. By take care I mean get rid of the insane amount of dead bugs {and spiders!!}, cob webs and who knows what else. The home was extremely under used, so it needed a good cleaning. We will have the basement carpets professionally cleaned on Thursday. Overkill? Nah!

We move in on Friday…eek!


Let the fun begin!

The house we purchased officially closes on October 1st and we are so excited!  And nervous! And maybe overwhelmed?  We are not moving in until October 11th, so we have 10 days to renovate the second floor. 10 days. T-E-N.

The plan is to:

– remove all carpet
– install hardwood (I chose Maple in a traditional Arabica colour.  I will add a photo of the sample!)
– paint all bedrooms, hallway and stairwell

The boys’ bathroom will be renovated, but not in this 10 day time frame {phew}.  We will also be doing an overhaul of the master bathroom – I am not sure what work will be completed on this within the 10 days {that’s a hubby question}.

In the meantime, I have posted up the before shots of the outside, first floor and second floor of the house. Have a look…enjoy the 70s vibe. I will be posting up photos of the basement as well…did I mention there’s a jail cell? Like a real.jail.cell.  Let’s save that for another day…